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Occupational Therapy

A research guide for CSUDH students taking Occupational Therapy classes.

Welcome to the Occupational Therapy Research Guide

In this guide you will find:

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Evidence Based Practice

EBP is a problem-solving approach to clinical decision-making within a health care organization. It integrates the best available scientific evidence with the best available experiential (patient and practitioner) evidence. EBP considers internal and external influences on practice and encourages critical thinking in the judicious application of such evidence to the care of individual patients, a patient population, or a system (Newhouse, Dearholt, Poe, Pugh, & White, 2007).

Dearholt, Sandra L., and Dang, Deborah. Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice : Models and Guidelines (2nd Edition).

Pyramid image to visualize both the quality of evidence and the amount of evidence available. For example, systematic reviews are at the top of the pyramid, meaning they are both the highest level of evidence and the least common. As you go down the pyramid, the amount of evidence will increase as the quality of the evidence decreases.

Guides for EBP:

Created in 2016 by Lindsey Shively, updated 7/19/2016 by Kendall Hinesley