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A page for all library created tutorials.

Developing Keywords


Developing Keywords (8 Minutes)
An interactive tutorial on developing keywords to search academic databases. It covers narrowing, broadening, and other search tips --- including practice with your own research topic. By the end, you'll be ready to search efficiently and effectively and have a printable certificate of completion.

Using ebooks at the CSUDH Library

icon, Using ebooks at the CSUDH Library

Using ebooks at the CSUDH Library
The CSUDH Library has thousands of ebooks (they make up about 40% of our collection) from a variety of publishers. This interactive guide will show you how to retrieve an ebook from the library catalog, give you an overview of the different tools provided by each ebook provider, and teach you how to do specific tasks in the ebook you've found.

Do you know which provider published your ebook?
If you know which provider's book you're using and want a specific guide, choose from the list below.

Avoiding Plagiarism


Avoiding Plagiarism (8-10 Minutes)
An interactive tutorial on avoiding plagiarism through referencing. It covers what is plagiarism, how to reference sources, and paraphrasing tips. By the end, you'll be able to articulate the importance of referencing to avoid plagiarism and have a printable certificate of completion.


Self-Guided Mobile Tour

Library Self-Guided Tour

This 20 minute walking tour takes you through the library introducing key services. It incorporates audio and video for an immersive experience and includes a quiz component at the end. It's optimized to be viewed on your mobile device or an iPad from our Technology Checkout Program.

Evaluating Information

Evaluating Information (15 Minutes)
An interactive tutorial on evaluating information in a variety of sources. It covers types of sources from popular to scholarly, peer-review, and evaluative criteria such as authorship --- all including practice questions. By the end, you'll be ready to evaluate sources effectively and have a certificate of completion which may be printed or emailed.

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance with any tutorial please contact the Research Help Desk.

Instructors who need assistance with enabling tracking of tutorials in Blackboard (SCORM packages) or suggestions on how to use tutorials in their courses please contact Carolyn Caffrey Gardner, Information Literacy Coordinator, at

Uploading SCORM to Blackboard:

  1. Click the "Build Content" button.
  2. Click "Content Package (SCORM)" link.
  3. Click the "Browse My Computer" button Browse to locate the SCORM package file (.zip) and click the "Submit" button.
  4. Give the Content Item a name and optionally set a description.
  5. View your report of student completion under "SCORM reports"

Getting Started with Citations

screenshot of CSUDH Getting started with citaitons tutorial

Getting Started with Citations (20 minutes)
An interactive tutorial on citing sources in research projects. It explains why various fields of study use different citation styles. Practice with the citation style your class is using. By the end, you'll be able to create a citation for an article, book, or website; be able to organize a references list correctly, and be able to identify source types on a references list.


Our interactive tutorials use Adobe Flash Player.  If you are trying to open a tutorial and it does not load try one of these steps below:

1. Go to Flash Player Help (

  • Check to see if Flash is installed on your computer.
  • Download the latest version of the Flash Player.
  • Find directions to enable Flash Player on your preferred browser.

2. If you do not have Flash Player installed, the tutorial will try to load using HTML5.

For additional assistance with any tutorial please contact the Research Help Desk.