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Education - GED 500

Research Methods in Education

Meet your Subject Librarian

Wei Ma

I work with all students, faculty, and staff of College of Education.

Call: (310) 243-2085
My Office: LIB South, Librarian Faculty Offices 2037-G

Meet me online via Zoom! (Schedule a meeting here)


GED 500: Class Outline & Tutorials:

Outline of the Library Presentation: 

It is highly recommended that you view all the videos below if you are a first time learner to access and research for primary research articles.  However, if you have some experience on the area, you can selectively view the sections/videos below.

Section 1: Things to do before starting your Library research (to save your time and be more productive):

  1. Options for topic selection:

    • Option 1: You can select a topic which you are familiar with, or curious about.

    • Option 2: Browse searching the Education databases. By trying different keyword/topic searching, you will see what topics/articles come up most and what other researchers were writing about. You can, then, choose the topic, in which you are most interested.

  2. Why you should use scholarly/peer review articles, not magazine articles:

  3. Topic formulation and analysis from descriptive phrases and keywords identification.

Section 2: Search Education Databases and OneSearch: 

Section 3: How to read a scholarly article (to help you save time & better understand the article):

Section 4: How to write a journal article critique: