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Education - TED 506

A simple Guide for TED 506 Fall 2022

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TED 506: How to Find Articles & Children's Books

Outline of the Library Presentation: 

It is highly recommended that you view all the videos below if you are a first time learner to access and research for primary research articles.  However, if you have some experience on the area, you can selectively view the sections/videos below.

Section 1: Things to do before starting your Library research (to save your time and be more productive):

  1. To learn the difference of Scholarly articles (also called Peer-reviewed) vs. Magazine articles, Click on the Summary: Scholarly articles vs. Magazine articles.

  2. Topic Analysis: To help you understand your topic and do a more effective search for articles, please follow this video: Analyzing the topic before starting research, and identifying the keyword (Video: 7:02 minutes)

Section 2: Search OneSearch for general articles/books:

Section 3: How to find children's books using OneSearch:

Please click on the link & follow the instruction to start searching.

Section 4: How to read a scholarly article - to help you save time & better understand: