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Library Course Materials (Leganto)

LCM Demonstration Video- For Students

Accessing a Resource List

Start by logging into Blackboard or Canvas, like you usually would.

1. Once logged in, click on courses.




2. From the courses page, click on the course that you would like to access Library Course Materials from.



3. From the courses window, select Content.


Note: Your instructor may have used the content area to place the link, however they may have also decided to create another area to place the link from within this courses view. Please check with your instructor to ensure you know the proper area to look.


4. Once in the content area, click on the link for Library Course Materials.


Note: Your instructor may have titled the link similarly to what is titled here, however please check with them to ensure you know the correct link name.


5. Once you click on the link, you will be navigated to Library Course Materials, where you can access all the resources your instructor has made available to you there.