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Radiologic Imaging Sciences

SAGE Research Methods

Research Tools

SAGE Research Methods includes several research tools to help with conducting your own research.

Screenshot of SAGE Research Methods homepage with Research Tools drop down menu.

The Methods Map can help you visualize aspects of research methodologies, provides brief definitions, and links to more background information. 

Preview of a methods map for qualitative research methods.

You can also use the Project Planner to visualize and guide you through the research process of conducting your own study from start to finish. 

Preview of the SAGE Research Methods Project Planner with Developing a Researchable Question. 

The Which Stats Test is a guided tool to help you identify the appropriate statistical test to analyze the data you've collected. 

SAGE Research Methods Which Stats Test

Browse and Search for Resources

You can also browse materials by topic, discipline, or content type. Or, use keywords to find materials related to research methods. You can also filter your results by content type, discipline, and publication date. Includes encyclopedias, books and book chapters, videos, tutorials and more! 

SAGE Research Methods search for SPSS with filters highlighted.