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Citation Management

About Citation Management

An essential part of the research process is saving and managing sources as you discover them! Citation management tools are a great way to keep all the information about a source and the PDF or full text in one place. Some tools will also create bibliographies, reference list citations, and in-text citations in specialized styles for you. 

There are lots of tools and systems out there. Use whatever works best for you! 


When you want to save your results in OneSearch, be sure to first log in with your CSUDH username and password. Then look for the "Add this item" pin next to the item you want to save. If you want to save an entire list of search results, look for the "Save query" pin at the top of the results list.

When you want to return to your saved items later, you can click on the "Go to my favorites" pin at the top right of the screen.

OneSearch results for climate change with my favorites pins highlighted.

Still having trouble? Watch this short video, Saving Your Results in OneSearch, which will walk you through each step of saving your results.

Citation Management Tools

Mendeley citation  management logo

Mendeley is a free tool that collects, organizes, & cites your references.


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Zotero citation management logo

Zotero is a free tool that collects, organizes, & cites your references.


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