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Human Resource Management

How to Use This Guide

Hi! My name is Wendy Vermeer, and I'm the library liaison to the College of Business Administration and Public Policy. This guide is designed to help you find information and perform research for completion of the MGT 516 Course Project. Each section covers some (or even several) aspects of the 12-week project, so feel free to jump around to the sections you need. Finally, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or would like one-on-one research assistance.

Researching a Company with Mergent Online

Mergent Online is a fantastic place to find information about a company's history, financials, organization, reports, and more. The video below is a quick demonstration of how easy it is to find this information in the database:

video credit: Patricia Watkins, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott

light bulb PRO TIP: Click on the Competitors tab to find similar companies to use in your company/organization comparisons!

ABI/INFORM Complete Case Studies

In addition to finding great articles and industry/company information, you can look up case studies in ABI/INFORM Complete. Follow these steps:

1) Enter your keywords (ex: "coffee retail")

2) Scroll down the page, and under Document Type, check the box for Case Study

3) Click the "Search" button. You should see case studies in your result set:

What is a Scholarly or Academic Source?

This short video by the Kimbel Library does an excellent job of explaining how to recognize a scholarly article, required for Part IV and Part VII of your project.

Keep in mind that academic sources are not limited to scholarly articles. Books, book chapters, or reports written by researchers or experts for an academic audience may also be used. Look up the credentials of the author(s), and examine the type of publisher (such as "university press"), to determine whether a book is academic.

Developing Keywords for Your Searches


Developing Keywords (8 Minutes)
An interactive tutorial on developing keywords to search academic databases. It covers narrowing, broadening, and other search tips --- including practice with your own research topic. By the end, you'll be ready to search efficiently and effectively and have a printable certificate of completion.