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Hannah Lee

Discovery & Systems Librarian
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Hannah Lee
I’m the CSUDH librarian for public and criminal justice administration. A few things we can work on together is research help for assignments, creating information literacy instructions for class, and a lot more. Don’t hesitate to send me an email or schedule an appointment! As the library’s discovery & systems librarian, I enhance the access and discoverability of the library’s collection.

My pronouns are she/her/hers.

MHOD Fielding Graduate University
MLIS University of California, Los Angeles
BA English University of California, Los Angeles

As a first-generation college graduate, understanding information in a digital/tech space is very important. Along with copyright, intellectual property, cybernetics, book arts, and gaming, here is a select list of publications:
* Lee, H (2023). What Privacy? Online Privacy Culture and the Role of Libraries in Digital Information Literacy. D. Quintel and A. York (Editors) Privacy and Safety in Online Learning. MT Open Press.

My Guides

About the Library
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Borrowing Materials
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Criminal Justice
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Developing Keywords
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Faculty Services
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Legal Research
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Public Policy
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Spaces & Technology
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