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Library Course Materials (Leganto)

Adding Resources

Adding resources with Cite It!

Adding library resources

Adding your own resources

There are three ways to add citations one-by-one. To start, click on the Add Items button at the top of your resource list:

Search the Library's electronic and physical collections:

  • By default, you will search in the Library's full OneSearch interface. You can change this setting by adjusting the dropdown menu to filter to a specific resource type.
  • Results appear in the box below your search query.
  • Click on the resource you want to add. Optionally, you can select a specific section in your list where you would like to add the resource. 

Highlight of selected resource on reading list to demonstrate how to add a resource to a list

  • Click the blue "Add" button. Note: Clicking this button multiple times will create multiple entries in your list. You can also drag-and-drop the resource directly into your resource list.
  • Continue to add as many resources as you would like.
  • To view the resource, students can click the "View online" link to connect directly to the item in the Library's holdings.
    • If there is one entry point to the item, it will connect directly to the resource.
    • If there are multiple options, all relevant databases will be listed.
    • All links connect directly to library-subscribed resources, so students do not have to search again to get to the resource.

Example of entry for electronic article in a resource list

Cite It! is another tool for adding online resources to a reading list from outside the Library's collections. It is a toolbar widget that you install in your web browser to cite a webpage or content item within a webpage.

To install Cite IT!, drag and drop the link to your browser's toolbar:

  • To add an item using Cite It!, simply click on Cite it! in your browser's toolbar, and a pop-up window appears with the item's details. Note: You must have the Library Course Materials tool open in your browser for the connection to be made to your resource list(s).

Creating a citation for an uploaded file

Add your own PDF documents or other files using the Create function.