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Library Course Materials (Leganto)

Rolling Lists Over

Course Roll Over- Training Video

Managing your Course Roll Over

Library Course Materials course roll over enables faculty to use existing courses and their associated reading lists for the next semester or academic year. During the roll over, existing reading lists are copied and become the new reading lists that are assigned to the new courses. 

  • To begin a roll over, navigate to the "My Lists" page within Library Course Materials.
  • Select the ellipses, to the right of the course you would like to roll over.



  • Click the "roll over list" option from the dropdown.

  • Type the name of the course that you desire to roll over.



  • Select the course.



  • Make the desired resets or copies from the previous course. 



  • Once ready, select the "Roll Over" button.



  • When finished, click "Ok"


  • Your course has now successfully been rolled over!