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Multimodal Research Projects

What is multimodal?

Have you been asked to create a multi-modal research project? Instead of a typical written research paper, multimodal projects include multiple modes for communicating your thesis, ideas, and research findings. This can include any combination of text and:

  • images 
  • video or animation
  • sound or audio

Ideally, a multi-modal research project engages a larger audience than just your professor and classmates! Consider sharing your project through a public platform like a website, YouTube, or social media. Depending on your assignment, you might choose a particular genre, such as a presentation, video, podcast, infographic, website, or blog.

As a CSUDH student, you have access to the university's subscription license to Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost to you. Login to and find these service in the Software Launchpad. Questions? Contact the CSUDH Information Technology Help Desk

This guide also includes free tools for creating multi-modal research projects. 

Presentations / Infographics


Websites / Blogs