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Advanced Search Filters

Looking for the highest quality of evidence?

Use filters in the advanced search in CINAHL Complete to limit your results to specific research and evidence-based methods. 

a. Peer-Reviewed: Journal articles that have been reviewed by experts on the topic and revised based on feedback. 

b. Evidence-Based Practice: A subset of journals known to publish evidence-based research studies and reviews. 

c. Meta-Synthesis: A research study that compares findings from many other studies. 

d. Randomized Controlled Trial: A scientific experiment where similar participants are assigned interventions at random to reduce bias. 

e. Publication Type:  Broad categories for research studies and other sources. (e.g. case study, clinical trial, systematic review). 

CINAHL advanced search option with peer reviewed, evidence-based practice, meta-synthesis, randomized controlled trials, and publication type highlighted.

CINAHL Subject Headings

CINAHL Subject Headings are specific terms for concepts related to nursing like diseases, conditions, demographics, and much more that can make your search much more effective. 

Articles in CINAHL are tagged with terms, but you can search for terms and add them to your search. 

1. Go to CINAHL Subject Headings.

2. Add terms related to your topic.

3. Browse for terms. The official term might be different than what you initially thought to search! 

4. Check the box next to a terms you want to add.

5. Include all or select specific subheadings for an aspect of a term, like history or psychological factors.

6. You can also browse for and add additional terms. The builder will remember the ones you've already selected. 

7. Search Database.

CINAHL Subject Headings search with keywords nurse practitioner.

CINAHL search tree with nurse practitioner term, subheadings, browse for additional terms, and search database options highlighted.