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Seed Library

How to Borrow Seeds

Borrowing Seeds

  1. Browse seed collection - Seeds are organized by plant family folders and located in individual cultivar envelopes in the file cabinet.
  2. Take what you need - Please ensure that there are enough seeds for our entire community and only take what you intend to grow. We recommend no more than 3 seed packets a month.
  3. Bring back - Our seeds are all open-pollinated and designed to be returned if you are able. Simply bring them back in an envelope or bag, and drop them in our return tray.

Returning Seeds

Donating and/or Returning Seeds (optional)seed return tray

  1. Plan ahead - Read the Saving Seeds tab, attend one of our workshops, or use other resources to learn how to easily save seeds.
  2. Plant and harvest - Let some plants go to seed. Save seeds for yourself and the Seed Library.
  3. Complete information sheet - Using our seed information sheet include as much information as possible about the seed you're returning or donating.
  4. File - Place seeds in a bag or envelope and drop them into our return tray next to the seed library books. This tray is emptied regularly.