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Convert Text to Speech

* Please select one of the text-to-speech tools below: 

 You can scan the QR code to use the tools on your phone:   

*  Free Web-based text-to-speech (TTS) tools:

(Please read carefully when making your selection below)

  • -- Kurzweil3000 (Web only): You can use it on the Web. CSUDH's Student disAbility Resource Center (SdRC) has the subscription. Please contact SdRC to get an account. The Web version only runs on desktop & laptop & can not download MP3 files. You can listen to the document only on your desktop or laptop. It does not run on CellPhone.  It is very easy to use & can handle any PDF formats, Word doc and more. (If you don't have the time get an account, use this one temparorily: UN: weima  PW: feesk578 )

- How to use (under construction) 

-- Kurzweil3000 (Subscription/Web): You have to download, install, & use it on your laptop/desktop. Once you have it installed on your desktop/laptop, you can use the full functions of the system, including downloading MP3 files. You can save the MP3 files to your cloud drives or email the MP3 files to yourself, & listen to the files on your mobile devises.

-- NaturalReaderis a commercial text-to-speech desktop software for personal use. It can read to you any text such as Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF files, and E-mails.  We use this free version, which has limits --- 20 minutes per day & does not allow downloading the MP3 file (but we don't need it)

  • Several ways to use this free TTS tool:
    • 1) You can use your PHONE to open this tool (QR code is above). Get to the Box page, copy and paste the document URL or the text into the box. Now, you can listen to it on your phone (only 20 minutes a day).
    • 2) Download & install to your desktop (How to download guide). You can open the Tools, copy & past the text to the box. You can also paste the URL to the box if it has an URL. But this free version can only allow you to use for 20 minutes a day.
    • 3) Use the TTS tool on the desktop without a downloan. Just copy and paste the URL/text onto the box (User guide). 
  • -- Balabolka:  is an excellent totally FREE program for TTS. It runs on all versions of Windows, & you have to install the speech engines on your computer. The software can read word docs, PDF’s, text, html, and RTF. Balabolka also has a Clipboard reader that when enabled can read aloud any text copied to the clipboard.
    • -  Download & install Balabolka (How to download, unzip, and set up guide (still in progress))
    • -  User Guide  (still under construction)​​​​​​​
  • -  Text2Speech: is an online text-to-speech converter. The free version has a 4000 word document length limit. Just copy & paste your text in the box, select one of the voices, and download or listen to the mp3 file.  (User Guide).

*  Ally in Canvas (CSUDH): This service is only for CSUDH teaching faculty & students currently enrolled in classes. Download Alternative Formats/MP3 guide & a Video guide

If you have a PRINT document, follow this link:  How to Convert Print to MP3 - Text to Speech?

*  Suggest using the Text-to-speech for:  ​

  • Preview & review textbook readings

  • Preview or review other course reading materials

  • Read lengthy journal/scholarly articles 

The Text-to-Speech is a great tool for “Extensive reading”, such as rapid reading of large quantities of textbook chapters, long scholarly articles, etc. for general understanding, with the focus generally on the overall meaning.

What this Tool does NOT do well: “Intensive reading”, which includes focused reading and learning in detail. 

* Please read the Fair Use Guidelines for Copyrighted Materials before you start converting your document to other media, like MP3​

Click here for a complete list of TTS applications!