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CSUDH Library Tutorials



Contact Tessa Withorn (, Online Learning Librarian to learn more about how you can partner with the library to teach information literacy using online resources at CSUDH.

Resource Icons

= Video
= Tutorial or online activity
= Handout or guide

Web browser with text on the left and OneSearch on the right.

A quick tutorial on using OneSearch to find library materials with hands-on practice.

Web browser with search bar and text cursor.
Developing Keywords

An interactive tutorial on developing research questions, keywords, and narrowing a topic.

Preview of Choosing a Library Database video.
Choosing a Library Database

Find a list of library databases and filter by subject to find database for your topic or major.

Preview of Searching in a Library Database video.
Searching in a Library Database

How to use keywords and connectors to search in a library database.

Resource link to full text in CSUDH Library OneSearch.
Finding the Full Text

How to find the full text of an article in CSUDH Library's OneSearch.

OneSearch results for climate change with my favorites pins highlighted.
Saving Your Results in OneSearch

How to save searches and items in CSUDH Library's OneSearch.

Web browser with text on the left and PsycINFO on the right.

Using PsycINFO to find studies using filters and a subject thesaurus.

Web browser with text on the left and Opposing Viewpoinst in Context on the right.
Opposing Viewpoints

Finding and using sources from Opposing Viewpoints for ENG 110/112 or THE 120.

Web browser with text on the left and CINAHL on the right.

Using CINAHL for Nursing and Healthcare research to find original research studies.

Preview of Asking Clinical Questions video.
Asking Clinical Questions

 PICO framework for asking clinical research questions and a case study patient interview.

Watch Discussion
Preview of PubMed video.

How to find research articles in PubMed through the CSUDH Library.

Preview of Company Research video.
Company Research

Find company information through Google and SWOT analyses in a library database.

Preview of Connecting to Google Scholar video.
Google Scholar

 Use the cite, cited by, and CSUDH Library link features in Google Scholar.

Preview of Citation Tracking video.
Citation Tracking in Google Scholar

Find relevant studies in references and using "Cited by" in Google Scholar.

Preview of Education Databases video.
Education Databases

How to find education related scholarly articles through the CSUDH Library.

Paper with unlocked lock.
Access, Power, & Privilege

 A choose-your-own-scenario activity highlighting barriers to accessing research.

Preview of Searching for .gov Sources video.
Statistics and .Gov Sources

Searching in Google using to find government web pages and statistics.

Web browser with WestLaw secondary sources search for cannabis sales.
Legal Research

Searching for primary and secondary legal sources in WestLaw and Google Scholar.

Preview of Finding Tests and Measures video.
Finding Tests and Measures

Find tests and measures to use for a research project in PsycTESTS.


Evaluating Sources

Preview of All About Peer Review guide.
All About Peer Review

+ + A mix of resources about peer review and reading research articles.

Paper with magnifying glass.
Evaluating Information

A tutorial on evaluating information, including popular and scholarly, peer-review sources.

Computer screen with archival box and magnifying glass.
Analyzing Primary Sources

Practice a framework for analyzing primary sources for the humanities and social sciences.



Papers with blank text and check mark.
Avoiding Plagiarism

A tutorial on avoiding plagiarism by properly paraphrasing and citing sources.

Preview of CSUDH Library Citation guide.

+ A mix of resources about using citation styles such as APA and MLA.

Cover of APA Manual of Style 7th edition.
Getting Stated with APA

A tutorial introducing APA 7th ed., including in-text and references.

Cover of MLA Handbook 8th edition.
Getting Stated with MLA

A tutorial introducing MLA 8th ed., including in-text and Works Cited.



Mobile phone with headphones and CSUDH Library logo on the screen.
Library Self-Guided Tour

New to using the library's website and online resources? Learn more on your mobile device!

Preview of Before You Visit the Gerth Archives video
Gerth Archives

Before you visit the Gerth Archives & Special Collections on the 5th floor of the library!


For Instructors

Use a CSUDH Library tutorial as a graded assignment or extra credit! 

How it works: 

1.  Add a link to the tutorial and assignment in Blackboard or your syllabus. 

2. Provide a due date and a brief explanation for how the assigned tutorial fits into your course. 

Example: You will need to find and use at least two scholarly articles for your upcoming assignment. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to access materials through the library in OneSearch.

3. Once students have completed the tutorial, they can download a certificate of completion to submit in Blackboard as a PDF.

Example of a CSUDH Library tutorial certificate.

Option 1: Students can complete an embedded Google Form with their name, course, and professor and send a copy for the form to an email address. You will know that students have gone through the entire tutorial, but won't see their responses or quiz results. 

Google form proof of completion.

Option 2: Students can print a report of their responses at the end of the tutorial and save the file as a PDF to upload in Blackboard. You will be able to see their responses and quiz results, but there are more likely to be technical issues. 

Quiz results, score, and print results.

Saving results as a PDF: 

1. Select "Print Results" on the Quiz Results page.

2. Right click anywhere on the next screen.

3. Choose "Print..."

4. Change the print destination to "Save as a PDF."

Print destination. Save as PDF.

4. Select the Print button.

5. Save the file in Documents or Desktop to find your PDF again.

Print of tutorial results.

Let us know how it's going! Did you use a tutorial and see an improvement in your course? Have ideas for additional topics? Contact Tessa Withorn, Online Learning Librarian (


For interactive tutorials that use Adobe Flash Player: Developing Keywords, Evaluating Information, Getting Started with Citations, and Avoiding Plagiarism...

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1. Go to Flash Player Help

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  • Download the latest version of the Flash Player.
  • Find directions to enable Flash Player on your preferred browser.

2. If you do not have Flash Player installed, the tutorial will try to load using HTML5.

For additional assistance with any tutorial, contact the Research Help Desk.