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Criminal Justice

A research guide for CSUDH students taking classes in Criminal Justice Administration.

What is an empirical research article?

Empirical research articles:

  • are research based on observed and measured data.
  • derives knowledge from experience rather than belief or theory.

Normally, empirical articles include:

  • An Introduction-What is the topic?
  • A Literature Review
  • A Methodology- How was the research conducted?
  • Results-What did the the author conclude? What were the findings?

Recommended Databases

Additional Databases and Data

Some of the databases below only have the abstracts. Select the "FIND@CSUDH" button and request it through the catalog. For databases without the "FIND@CSUDH" button, search for the title of the article or report in OneSearch.

Logo for OneSearch, CSUDH's online catalog.

OneSearch is a library search tool where you can find almost everything the CSUDH Library owns or subscribes to on one platform. Use OneSearch to find books, including textbooks, articles, streaming videos, and more! A great place to start for any research project. You can also use OneSearch to find the full text, borrow books from other CSU libraries, and generate a citation.

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