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Criminal Justice

A research guide for CSUDH students taking classes in Criminal Justice Administration.

About Criminal Justice Research

When searching for resources on Criminal Justice, Crime, Criminal Justice Administration, or Law, the language used in scholarly resources, government documents, and public discourse. There are many times where we will use one term while the literature will use another term. For example:

A person incarcerated in a prison or jail can be called: Prisoner; Delinquent; Inmate; Deviant; Criminal; Offender; or Incarcerated person

All of these terms have slightly different meanings but often used interchangeable with one another. When searching with specific terms, be aware of the different synonyms that resources may be using. Here are additional resources on language here:

Recommended Databases

Searching with Keywords

Web browser with text on the left and OneSearch on the right.

A quick tutorial on using OneSearch to find library materials with hands-on practice.

Web browser with search bar and text cursor.
Developing Keywords

An interactive tutorial on developing research questions, keywords, and narrowing a topic.