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Africana Studies

A guide for CSUDH students taking Africana Studies courses.
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OneSearch is a library search tool where you can find almost everything the CSUDH Library owns or subscribes to on one platform. Use OneSearch to find books, including textbooks, articles, streaming videos, and more! A great place to start for any research project. You can also use OneSearch to find the full text, borrow books from other CSU libraries, and generate a citation.

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Recommended Databases

Because Africana Studies overlaps with many other disciplines, there is no one database that covers all of the literature. The best way to pursue your research is to consider which field is most closely related to your research question. Is your topic connected to education, history, political science, sociology, criminal justice, or another area? Consider which fields would cover your topic and then explore the databases that relate to those fields.


Historical and current newspapers report on events and provide expert opinions and public perspectives. Some news articles also link to and summarize academic research and statistics. Not sure if a news source is credible or reporting accurate facts? Use the 4 Moves & a Habit process to evaluate news. 

When would I need to find newspapers? You might use historical newspapers as a primary source in talking about a specific event like the Los Angeles Times coverage of the Watts Riots in 1965, or use current news articles for background information on a public issue like Time magazine cover story on the Parkland school shooting and youth activism

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Google Scholar

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Google Scholar is a search tool where you can find scholarly sources like peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, theses, and books with Google's simple look and feel. Add CSUDH in Library Links to connect Google Scholar to OneSearch to get the full text through our library subscriptions. You can also use Google Scholar to find freely available PDFs, trace citations, look up authors profiles and journal metrics, and generate a citation.

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