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Publication and Use Fees


B&W (CSUDH students) - $ .15
B&W (others) - $ .25
Color - $1.00

Digital Scans and Audiovisual Duplication
Scans 300 DPI JPG or PDF 600 DPI TIFF
1-5 Free $5 per scan
6-20 $1 per scan $5 per scan
20+ $5 per scan $10 per scan

A/V Duplication- $15/hr 1 hr minimum for in-house; outsourced at cost, plus 10%.

Oversize Photograph & Map Duplication - Vendor fees plus $25.00

Processing Fee: $10 for all orders over $100

For all other resolutions and file types, please contact the archives department

Digital Collection Duplication

Request duplication of items in our digital collections.


Research Fees

To perform research for non-academic users:
First hour - No charge
Each additional hour - $40.00

Publication Fees

Scholarly publication, journal, newspaper, theses/dissertation- No charge
Non-profit publications, public displays, exhibits - $25 per image
Non-profit video & TV - $50 per image
For profit publications, advertising, public displays, exhibits - $200 per image
For profit video & TV - $200 per image
Internet, website use - $50

Processing Fee: $10 for all orders over $100

Reproduction of manuscripts and books

Any photocopying of manuscripts or books for patrons is done by Special Collections staff. Depending on the condition of the materials researchers may be able to make their own copies, but this is on a case by case basis.

All photocopying done for patrons of the Special Collections is in place of note taking and is to be used for private study, scholarship or research and not for publication or any commercial purpose. Entire books cannot be photocopied. Portions of books still protected by copyright may be photocopied within the "fair use" guidelines. Fragile books, ledgers, and paper materials may not be available for photocopying due to their condition. Determination on what is too fragile for photocopying will be made by Gerth Archives staff.

Photocopying of written materials is governed by United States Copyright Law. See copyright rules >>

Reproduction of photographs

Selected photographs can be reproduced for personal research use. Researchers must apply in writing to receive permission to use photographs in publications or visual production. Reproduction rights are for one time use only. Duplication may be done through scanning or a photographic vendor. Images on our website cannot be reproduced without permission. Materials may not be re-used without the written permission of the University. Permission for in-house duplication is solely at the discretion of the Archivist.

Copying of photographic materials is governed by United States Copyright Law. See copyright rules >>

A description of the photograph, as well as the photographer's name and date of the photo will be supplied (if known) by the University Library.

For published photographs or primary resource material, the publisher will furnish the University with one copy, without charge, of the publication or media production in which the resource material appears.

Copyright Rules

Physical ownership of an item does not necessarily mean that the Library owns the intellectual property rights for that item. Unless the item was produced by the U.S. government or by California State University, Dominguez Hills, or was published before 1923, in most cases the item is still regulated by copyright law. Unless copyright has been formally transferred to the University through a written document, copyright remains in the hands of the creator or the copyright owner. Thus, if a patron would like to have an entire item photocopied, he or she must first obtain permission from the copyright holder. Likewise, permission to quote from an item or publish it must be sought from the copyright holder.

If a photograph was taken by a professional photographer, copyright is retained by that photographer or his/her agents, unless the product is a result of a work for hire. In cases of work for hire photographs, copyright belongs to the photographer's clients. It is the responsibility of the user to resolve any copyright questions that might arise in the use of reproduced photographs.

In all cases, if a patron wishes to make copies of written or photographic materials for which California State University, Dominguez Hills does not own the copyright, it is the responsibility of the researcher to attempt to locate the holder of the copyright to obtain permission for publication. Full responsibility for legal questions relating to the use and publication of manuscripts rests with the researcher.

Consult with Gerth Archives' staff for assistance with any questions about copyright.