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CSU System Archives

CSU System Archives

Mission of the CSU Archives

The mission of the California State University Historical Archives is to collect, preserve, and create access for materials relating to the formation and progress of the system. This mandate complements the efforts of individual campus archives to collect and preserve materials that pertain to the historical development of their own campuses; only materials of system-wide impact are maintained by the CSU Archives.

California State University System-wide Archives

Collection Highlights

The CSU System was brought together by the Master Plan for Higher Education in 1960. The Dominguez Hills campus was designated as the System’s archival repository in 1979. As each of the CSU campuses has its own campus archives, the CSU Board of Trustees designated the CSU Archives as the repository for materials of system-wide importance. The CSU System Archives consists of documents, oral histories, minutes, memos, and records of the Board of Trustees, Office of the Chancellor, Academic Senate, the Master Plan for Higher Education, and other offices and committees.


The Board of Trustees Agendas and Minutes Collection and Board of Trustees Meeting Audio Recordings both are records of the meetings of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustees Committees. The Agendas and Minutes Collection begins in 1961 and is ongoing to the present, and the Audio Recordings is record of meetings from 1963-1973 and 1975-1978.

Reports, correspondence, memos and other materials generated by various offices at the Office of the Chancellor (CSU headquarters); Offices including Academic Affairs, Public Affairs, Executive Council, pre-system offices, Government Affairs and many other offices. .

Materials relating to the longest serving Chancellor of the CSU System. Includes materials from his time as Chancellor, as an academic and writer and his early life.