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Assistive Technology in the Library

Assistive Technology in the Library

The Library offers assistive technology equipment including hardware and software in the ASI Mac Lab, located on the 2nd floor of Library South near the Library Research Help Desk. For more information about accessibility at the Library, visit Services for Users with Disabilities

Please contact Wei Ma ( if you have questions or would like assistance using assistive technology in the library. 

ASI Mac Lab with Assistive Technology at the CSUDH Library.


The Library offers the following hardware in the ASI Mac Lab: 

  • Two (2) Assistive Technology computers
  • Two (2) scanners
  • Two (2) big keyboards (BigBlue Kinderboard)
  • One (1) CCTVs
  • One (1) smart CCTV
  • One (1) 3-btn Mouse
  • One (1) Joystick
  • One (1) Air bic mouse
  • One (1) Extreme 3D Pro stick mouse
  • Three (3) electric adjustable tables
  • Headphones available for check-out from TCP Desk


Assistive technology workstations in the ASI Mac Lab have the following software installed: 

  • Kurzweil3000
  • Jaws   (Note: CSUDH has 4 user license. e1260c...&e14640f...are used on Lib machines)
  • ZoomText (Note: CSUDH has 5 user license. The system has certain reading defect area)
  • Adobe Acrobat XI pro
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking

User Instructions & Guides

The following documents provide instructions on how to use assistive technology in the Library and are available online and in print format in a binder in the ASI Mac Lab. 

Screen Navigation

Text to speech Conversion

Speech to Text Conversion: 

Accessibility Conversion

CopyRight and Fair Use restriction when converting your document to other media, like MP3​