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Education - Bilingual/Multilingual Education

A Research Guide for Bilingual/Multilingual Education

Curriculum/Teaching Strategy/Lesson Plans

Curriculum/Teaching Strategies/Lesson Plans:

There several ways to find curriculum/lesson plans:

  • From ERIC*: Click HERE to get a list of last 20 years of Curriculum/Teaching Strategy/Lesson Plans (customized search set in ERIC).

  • From CSUDH OneSearch: Click HERE to get a list of last 20 years of articles, books/eBooks, and reports (Customized search in OneSearch, including: 4692 article, 182 book/eBooks, and 208 reports).

  • From GoogleScholar: Click HERE to get a list of last 20 years of articles, books/eBook (Customized search in GoogleScholar)

  • From Government Web sites:

Other Free Web sites for Curriculum/Teaching Strategies/Lesson Plans: