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English & Literature

Resources for english and literature research at CSUDH.

Background Information

Background information includes general overviews of broad topics. Think people, places, things, events, and theories. If you're not sure what keywords to use in a library database, finding background information will help you learn more about a topic first and expand your search. Even Wikipedia can be  a good starting place for background information. Need something more credible? Try some of the library's databases for background information. 

When would I need to find background information? If you're working on a project where you're asked to include facts, you might look into an online encyclopedia or reference book. For example, you need to find information about where you can find a regional plant, its identifying characteristics, and images to include on your slides.  

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Background Information

Background and reference works provide broad overviews and definitions on movements, themes, theories, and other topics. These are great places to start your research and often include resources like Encylopedias.

Dictionaries and Thesauri