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GIS & Maps

Guide to GIS and map resources at CSUDH.

Online Mapping Tools

Below are some suggestions for mapping tools you can find online. Not all tools are supported by the library, and some may require downloading or creating an account to use all features. 

Map Websites

GIS Data Sources

True Size Map

CA square footage comparable to the country of IraqThe True Size Of... map is a free web resource that allows you to compare the size of states, countries of provinces to one another using a drag and drop interface. The size of your outline will adjust automatically as you go closer to the poles or equator, allowing a useful visual of how Australia compares to Russia or California compares to Iraq in square mileage. Read more about True Size Of map and how the standard Mercator projection maps we are used to seeing create distortions in the sizes of different land masses.

Maps of California

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