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CSUDH Electronic Thesis Template and Instruction Guide

Welcome to the University Library CSUDH thesis and template LibGuide. This guide provides access to the thesis template and instruction guide.

CSUDH Projects, Theses, and Dissertations

This page includes all important information regarding graduate level projects, theses, and dissertations.

Steps to Submitting Your Thesis


You must register your intent to submit your thesis or project with the University Library by completing and returning the Intent to Submit Thesis/Project Form during the semester in which you intend to graduate and complete thesis review. This form must be emailed to


Only properly formatted theses/projects with approval of all committee members will be accepted for review. Committee members need to send their approvals from their CSUDH email addresses to in the format provided below.

I certify that the [thesis/project] titled “[Title]," of [Student Name] meets the required standards of scholarship of the university and the student's graduate degree program and is ready to be reviewed. In approving this [thesis/project], I agree that the student named above has incorporated into the document all additions and/or corrections required by this member of their committee, that the document has been proofread and edited, and that it follows a documentation style appropriate to the student's discipline.


Once the University Library has received your Intent to Submit form and approval from your committee chair and committee members, you will be invited to participate in the course "Graduate Studies and Research Theses and Projects." After you accept the invitation, you will then need to upload your approved thesis or project to commence review. You must upload your thesis/project on or before the stated deadline.


The thesis reviewer will read and annotate your thesis/project for necessary formatting revisions. You can revise as many times as necessary before the university publication deadline. Once all required changes to grammar and format have been made, the thesis reviewer will send you a final approval email with the required forms for publication.


The thesis reviewer will send your name to the registrar to officially clear your "culminating activity" requirement in your student records. It may take 6-8 weeks before the hold is cleared on myCSUDH. 

Formatting Resources

Style Guides

A style guide/manual is a set of guidelines that specify formatting requirements for scholarly work. These formatting requirements include headings, in-text citations, tables/figures, references/work cited pages, and footnotes/endnotes. Requirements vary across style guides, so it is important to adhere to guidelines within the style guide designated for your program. See the Thesis/Project Guide for more information. 

Here are the three style guides used here at CSUDH:


Want to see theses from previous years? Check out ScholarWorks, a shared institutional repository that collects, preserves, and provides access to scholarship by research communities at The California State University. CSUDH students submitting a thesis are required to publish their work (abstract only or work in full) for publication to ScholarWorks. To view uploaded theses from Dominguez Hills scholars, click here

Make an Appointment

Click here to schedule a one-on-one appointment (Zoom or in-person) with the thesis reviewer. Schedule a meeting to:

  • ask questions about the thesis/project review process;
  • get help using Microsoft Word for formatting changes; and
  • receive a preliminary review of your thesis/project prior to submitting it for review.


For assistance with any aspect of your thesis/project, please contact Kimberly Campos (Project, Thesis, & Dissertation Review Specialist) via email at or call (310)243-3279.