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Calship Log

The Calship Log is a collection of magazines that were published during late 1941 to 1945 until the end of World War II. The magazine was regularly released on the 1st and 15th of every month. It featured the ongoing war, rationing supplies at calship as well as gas and tires, homes for workers, the launch of hulls that they built or took part in, departments progress, monthly suggestion contest, war bonds sales, the need to wear safety equipment including hard hats, shoes and goggles, a comic strip of a reoccurring character Joe McGee that would shows a bad worker habit that usually endangered himself or other workers on the job.



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Snap Roll

A magazine, "Snap Roll," was published by and for the Minter Air Field soldiers on a weekly basis. The first issue was published June 30th, 1943 and ended at November 1st 1945 due to previous writers transferring as the war came to an end, and fewer people wanted to work for Snap Roll. The magazine often included the weekly Army wive's activities, a sports page, and a 2 page paper focused on a topic from war, to something going around the on Minter field. There were weekly reports from several divisions, several war bond fundraisers, events held by the USO, and holidays. The magazine also recorded the fact that there was segregation ongoing when building a separate pool.