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Asian Pacific Studies

A guide for CSUDH students taking Asian Pacific Studies courses.

Why use books?

Most of the books in our collection are scholarly, nonfiction works and are excellent resources if you want a longer overview of a topic or idea. While many of our books are physical books which you can come to the library to checkout, the majority of our collection is actually made up of eBooks which are digital versions of books which you can access online, anytime, using you CSUDH username and password. Some other terms it is useful to know about when consider what kind of book might be most useful to you are:

  • Monograph: This is a scholarly term for a book about one topic. Often monographs will provide deep analysis on their topic by a single author.
  • Edited book: Many scholarly books are a collection of chapters selected by the book's editors. Each chapter will usually be written by a different author(s) and will give you a more in-depth analysis of one particular aspect of this book's main topic.

Books & eBooks

Looking for books? Use OneSearch to find books we have here in the library and online. Most of our physical books are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Library South. Materials requested online can be picked up from our 24/7 library lockers

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