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Asian Pacific Studies

A guide for CSUDH students taking Asian Pacific Studies courses.

Finding Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles, sometimes called academic, vetted, or peer-reviewed articles, are one of the most important ways that researchers in a field share their ideas with other experts. Scholarly articles are selected through a process called peer-review and published in academic journals. They can be accessed by searching in OneSearch or one of our library databases.

One important thing to know about library resources like scholarly articles is that they often require expensive subscriptions to access. One of the jobs our library and librarians have is selecting which databases, journals, books, and other resources we will subscribe to and paying for them. Because of cost, most of the resources our library subscribes to are not accessible to people who are not affiliated with a university or other institution. To learn more about supporting just access to scholarly materials feel free to explore our Open Access guide.

Logo for OneSearch, CSUDH's online catalog.

OneSearch is a library search tool where you can find almost everything the CSUDH Library owns or subscribes to on one platform. Use OneSearch to find books, including textbooks, articles, streaming videos, and more! A great place to start for any research project. You can also use OneSearch to find the full text, borrow books from other CSU libraries, and generate a citation.

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Best Databases for Articles on Asian Pacific Studies

Because Asian Pacific Studies overlaps with many other disciplines, there is no one database that covers all of the literature. The best way to pursue your research is to consider which field is most closely related to your research question. Is your topic connected to education, history, political science, sociology, criminal justice, or another area? Consider which fields would cover your topic and then explore the databases that relate to those fields. Or, try using a database like JSTOR or Academic Search Premier that covers many different disciplines!