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A research guide for business including entrepreneurship, marketing, and company reports.

About Business Research

Business research covers a wide array of subjects including accounting, general business, international business, business analytics, global supply chain management, management & human resources entrepreneurship, information systems, marketing finance, information systems security, and sports, entertainment & hospitality. 

When researching business topics, it is important to remember that there are many different perspectives and approaches to consider, including that of stakeholders (internal and external), historical practices, the culture of the industry, and so much more. All of these different perspectives and approaches help form your research agenda that may or may not challenge the status quo of a business, an industry, an organization, or other entity. Oftentimes you will come across the concept of ethics in business, an important concept that ensures no one is harmed or adversely affected by researhc. Here are some books available from the University Library to help you get started: 

Recommended Databases for Business Research