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LA as Subject Collection

The LA as Subject collection contains material from a selection of L.A. area community-based archives and organizations that were digitized and shared in partnership with CSUDH.

Selected Images

Collection Description

The collection of T-shirts come primarily from events involving labor and trade unions and present a snapshot of what were then -- and often continue to be -- pressing issues in labor relations, such as representation, fair compensation, and political influence. Pulled primarily from the collections of Dr. Vivian Price and Jane Templin, the shirts also serve as examples of graphic design and political messaging from unique moments in time.

About the CSUDH Tradeswomen Collection

The Tradeswomen Archives Project documents the growth of the number of women working in construction and other non-traditional fields in Southern California, nationally, and around the world. The Project comprises both traditional physical archives, which are housed at CSU Dominguez Hills, and a digital archive consisting of virtual donations received through a web portal.

The physical archive comprises a number of collections created by women who worked in the building trades for years, including those of Dr. Vivian Price, Dr. Lynn Shaw, Jane Templin, Pat Williams, and the Oregon Tradewomen, Inc.  The digital archive consists of materials sent by dozens of donors.

The images include photographs and other materials related to tradeswomen education and training apprenticeship programs; tradeswomen organizations such as Women In Non-Traditional Employment Roles (WINTER), Electric Women, and others; women constructing the Century Freeway in Los Angeles, as well as working at other sites in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and abroad; and policies such as Affirmative Action for women.  There are also materials related to studies, dissertations, and documentary films on tradeswomen.