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University Archives and Records Management

Policies and guidelines for university offices regarding the acquisition and preservation of university records and historical materials.

The CSUDH University Archives

The University Archives serves as the institutional memory of the university and plays a role in the management of the institutional historical resources in various media and formats.

A "university record" documents a transaction or regularly conducted activity of the University and is created, received or retained pursuant to law, University policy, or in connection with a transaction, business, or activity of the University. The term includes documents, papers, letters, books, drawings, maps, plans, photographs, tapes, film or sound recordings, microforms, digital or analog files, information stored or maintained electronically, and data- or image-processed documents.

For an overview of University Archives collections, please view the CSUDH University Archives Research Guide.

Records Management Objectives

This University Archives aims to introduce CSUDH employees to records management principles and will prepare records managers/custodians of CSUDH administrative units, university offices and student organization leaders for the transfer of historical records to the University Archives for long term preservation.

We provide training and consultations about system wide policies regarding the retention and disposition of inactive institutional records.

University Records are defined, captured, utilized, stored, disposed of, and properly archived when they meet the CSU-wide criteria delineated in the CSU Chancellor's Office "Records Retention and Disposition" Schedules.  

Managing Records at CSUDH

As employees of CSUDH we all create records in our daily work. 

This guide contains information and tips for CSUDH employees about records management requirements and procedures. It is designed to give employees the tools to confidently and efficiently organize and appraise their records for eventual transfer to the University Archives. 

The Records Management Guide will help you:

  • Identify inactive records for transfer
  • Learn how records should be organized
  • Understand privacy and ethics considerations
  • Initiate transfer to the University Archives