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Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$)

A guide to Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) at California State University - Dominguez Hills (CSUDH).

Bookstore Solutions

The University Bookstore is an important Affordable Learning $olutions partner here at CSUDH, and our mutual goal is student success! The solution to reach student success is to ensure students have the materials they need on day one. There are many paths to reach to this solution that involve working with the Bookstore, as described below. 

To report your course adoptions, enroll in DH-Immediate Access, or explore creating a custom textbook, please contact Angel Covarrubias, Course Materials Manager, at or call (310) 243-3086. 

Early Adoptions

The sooner the Bookstore knows what a class will need, the better chance the bookstore has to find the MOST AFFORDABLE versions of those materials in sufficient quantities. The bookstore competes with thousands of other higher learning institutions for a finite supply of specific books so as soon as you know what you'll be assigning, let Angel know!

DH - Immediate Access (AKA: Inclusive Access, Early Access, Follett Access, etc.)

This increasingly popular University Bookstore program is a great option for faculty who are tied to a specific traditional textbook or want to take advantage of the courseware tie-in materials offered by many textbook publishers. Since all students in a course are signed up for digital access to their textbook, the Bookstore can negotiate a discount for everyone (usually between 30%-80% off the print sticker price). While this program doesn't make the textbooks free, it can result in significant discounts to students. And always, students have the option to OPT-OUT if they do not want to be charged through their tuition account. 

Benefits of Immediate Access include:

  • Affordability 
  • Students ready on Day One
  • Faculty ready to educate on Day One without worrying about student access
  • Students performing better 
  • Student retention improvement 

Immediate Access is not the end-all solution to Student Success, but it is a leading path towards our collective, ultimate goal.

Have questions? Please visit here for more information or contact the bookstore.

Custom Textbooks

Faculty can work with the bookstore to develop custom textbooks or course packs that reduce the cost to students by at least 30%. You may want to consider this option if you assign a collection of different materials or just a few chapters of multiple books. Keep in mind that students will not be able to resell these custom products back at the end of the semester.