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Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$)

A guide to Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) at California State University - Dominguez Hills (CSUDH).

Featured Faculty

The CSUDH Affordable Learning $olutions would like to honor the following faculty for completing the Faculty Insider and Faculty Fellow Programs.


Faculty Fellow Program 

2020-2021 Graduates:

Dr. Vernita Adkins

Amy Allen

Dr. Kirti Celly

Dr. Gioella Chaparro 

Dr. Conrad Oh Young

Dr. Sheryl Ryan

Dr. Sharon Sharp

Anita Juarez

Carlos Batres

Meka Brown




Faculty Insider Program

2020-2021 Graduates:

Dr. Thomas Norman

Dr. Vivian Price

Dr. Ju-Hyun Song

Del Bharath

Maricela Zaragoza

Meng Zhao

Thomas Taylor

Guy Witherspoon

Ruby Meneses

Yanet Suarez