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Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$)

A guide to Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) at California State University - Dominguez Hills (CSUDH).

Zero and Low-Cost Course Materials Options

When you're registering for courses next semester, did you know you can search specifically for classes that don't assign an expensive textbook?

The Zero-Cost Course Materials designation, ZCCM, means that you won't have to spend a single penny on any textbooks, software, or other materials for that particular section of a course. 

The Low-Cost Course Materials designation, LCCM, means that you will have to purchase some materials for the course, but the total cost must be under $40. 

Follow the steps below to learn how you can find these courses the next time you're choosing what sections to sign up for. 

How to Search for ZCCM & LCCM Courses:

1. Visit the CSUDH My Class Search

2. Select the Term you are searching for classes from the dropdown menu

shows screenshot with dropdown menu set to Spring 2020, and highlights dropdown next to Subject

3. OPTIONAL: Select the Course Subject from the dropdown menu, or enter in a subject code

4. Click on the arrow to the left for "Additional Criteria". From the menu that expands, next to "Course Attribute" type ZCCM (ZCCM stands for Zero-Cost Course Materials) or LCCM (which stands for Low-Cost Course Materials). 

screenshot with additional course attribute box highlighted and showing code ZCCM in the box


5. Hit "Search" to display list of courses that meet your search requirements. ZCCM & LCCM courses show a special symbol next to them in the search results.

screenshot showing zccm symbol highlighted, which looks like a dollar sign with a diagonal slash through it