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About the Library

Here you can find more about the library, its mission, its people, hours and events, policies, FAQs, and feedback to the library.


The University Library organizes exhibitions of scholarly and historic resources from the library collections, possibly supplemented by objects from personal collections of guest curators and art and related materials. Exhibitions serve the library's mission to support and enrich the instructional, research, and public service missions of the university. All exhibits are free to the public. 

Exhibits Committee

An exhibits committee of CSUDH library faculty and staff plans and oversees a rotating roster of exhibits in the library. Exhibits are designed to be student focused, reflecting the diversity of our campus and communities and highlighting elements of our physical and online collections. The Exhibits Committee makes decisions related to exhibit spaces, content, and installation; reviews and approves exhibit proposals from the greater CSUDH community; seeks out exhibit ideas and partners; maintains an exhibits calendar; and manages exhibit supplies.

Exhibit Spaces

University Library exhibition venues include the following:

  • Archives and Special Collections reading room
  • Multicultural Gallery
  • Library Cultural Arts Gallery (LIB 1940)
  • Exhibition cases located in various locations
  • Second Floor entrance gallery
  • Shelves adjacent to the Info. and Research Help Desk
  • Library Digital Signage
  • Library History Walkway (permanent)

Decisions regarding use of the Library Gallery (LIB 1940) and the Multicultural gallery are made in conjunction with the Library Dean and the Director of Archives and Special Collections. Exhibitions in these spaces are available for community groups but exhibition planning takes place several years in advance. The use of exhibition cases in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room are the responsibility of the Director of Archives and Special Collections. This also applies to exhibition cases adjacent to the entrance to the Archives Reading Room.

The Exhibits Committee may consider additional requests to display materials in areas not currently included in the list of exhibit spaces.

Exhibits Guidelines

  • The Exhibits Committee oversees and is responsible for all exhibits, though exhibits may be curated in collaboration with faculty, students, or campus groups. Preference is given to displays which are directly related to the University's curriculum and/or to upcoming events in the library or on campus.
  • The Exhibits Committee will periodically highlight resources in the library's circulating collection. Exhibits should be created around unique elements of the library's collection, such as important events (contemporary or historical) related to the campus or to the curriculum.
  • The library is committed to presenting diverse points of view and to the principles of academic freedom. Exhibits may not be used to promote personal, commercial or political positions, though topics subject to controversy may and should be presented, provided that they are handled in an objective manner.
  • Exhibits may not compromise the privacy of staff and users or disrupt or harm the facility, collections, or visitors.
  • Circulating items displayed in exhibits may be checked out by interested users.
  • No materials shall be exhibited for the financial profit of any individual or organization.
  • The Library Dean reserves right of final approval for all exhibits to ensure that they are consistent with the values and traditions of the CSU, Dominguez Hills, and the University Library
  • Exhibitors will be required to submit a final description of the exhibit. This description will be used on the library's website and in exhibit announcements.
  • All exhibits are temporary.
  • In accordance with the American Library Association's Bill of Rights, the library will not exclude exhibitions "because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation." Likewise, exhibition material will not be "proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval." Complaints about displays can be submitted through the library's feedback form.

Exhibit Installation and Security

  • The library does not provide any special security in its exhibit areas. Community exhibits should not contain material of high value or unique or rare materials. Images of rare or high value items should be exhibited when at all possible, instead of a rare or valuable item. The library does not provide any insurance for materials on display or assume any responsibility for the loss, theft of, or damage to any materials while in transit, during installation, while on exhibit, or during deinstallation. A release form or loan agreement that specifies the details of responsibility and insurance must be executed by the owner and the library.
  • Exhibits must fit into the display shelves provided. Freestanding exhibits or the addition of computer monitors or supplementary materials will need to be approved by the Exhibits Committee in consultation with the campus fire marshal.