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About the Library

Campus Events

For a fee, the following areas in the library can be reserved for campus events:

Facility Hourly Rate
Mancillas Courtyard $50
Event Gallery (Piano Room, seats 30) $50
Fifth Floor South Commons Area
Fifth Floor South Commons Area with Use of Events Gallery (Piano Room) $130



These areas in the Library can only be reserved by campus departments and units. No student-related organizations or outside agencies are eligible to reserve these areas.

Requesting a Reservation

Starting June 1, 2019, the University Library will be charging the fees above to reserve/lease the Library’s designated venues (Mancillas Courtyard, Event Gallery and the 5th Floor-south Commons Area), also as indicated on the second page of our Request for University Library Facilities/Event Planner Approval form; this is in addition to any custodial cleanup fees charged by Facilities Services for scheduled events serving food and/or beverages. Please be sure to include your chart-field or department account number on the third page of the reservation request form (linked below) where it asks: “Charge all costs for the event to:” 

Also, please be sure to have all reservation request forms signed by your Dean or department Administrator.

To request use of one of the above spaces for an event, please fill out the Library Facilities/Event Planner Approval Form [Download MS Word Viewer Here] and submit it to Yvette Mack ( in Library Administration (LIB-South, room 5034). Forms should be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the event date.

Conference Rooms


These areas in the Library can only be reserved by campus departments and units. No student-related organizations or outside agencies are eligible to reserve these areas.

Requesting a Reservation

Additional policy is under review. Please contact Library Administration for further information.

Group Study Rooms


Rooms may only be used by currently enrolled CSUDH students. Faculty and staff are prohibited from using library group study rooms. Rooms are intended for student study related purposes only and are limited to two consecutive hours.

Requesting a Reservation

All students in the group must sign an agreement in order to use the study rooms.  Current CSUDH photo IDs are required. Reservation of and check-in for group study rooms is located at the Technology and Logistical Services office, Room 2039 on the south side of the Library. For more information, please see the Group Study Rooms services page.

Information Literacy Instruction Labs

CSUDH Library's Information Literacy Labs (2021 A & B) are used to provide course-integrated information literacy instruction, including the use of information resources available through CSUDH Library, such as the online catalog and other electronic research tools. As such, the library’s Information Literacy Labs are not typically available for non-library use.

Core Use

Use of the classrooms is scheduled each semester according to priority of use within the aims of the library’s instructional programming. First priority is to CSUDH course-related library instruction sessions taught by or with a librarian followed by:

  • library-based classes, workshops, or seminars,
  • library staff instruction, training, and development programs or workshops,
  • information literacy programming for affiliated groups,
  • and finally other groups when appropriate.

Other groups may be given access to the labs on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Library Administration. Because library information literacy instruction sessions may be scheduled during any of the library's normal operating hours and the number and times of sessions will vary from week to week, these labs are not intended to accommodate semester-long (16-week) courses. Likewise, reservations by outside groups may not be made significantly in advance so that the rooms can remain available  for their core library instruction use during peak times of the semester. Rooms are scheduled only when the library is open. Non-library events are welcome to request the rooms provided only one side of the lab is in use due to preservation and maintenance of the collapsible wall. All requests for the approval of non-library sponsored events should be directed to

All library lab users are expected to leave the room as they found it and adhere to the food/drink policy.